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Raising Youth: Entrepreneurs Don’t Knock, They Build Their Own Door

Raising someone should be a major part of our lives. If a man raises that means a country rises. We live in a country like India, where we are massive in almost everything. With a huge dynamic economy. Massive in population, majorly the youth with young beautiful minds.

India is the country with 2nd largest population in the world and also it is said that the largest youth power lives here in our country. So it is clear a large population says the needs and demands would be as large as it. Everybody needs to have their own living to survive for the betterment of our living standards. And when we speak about living, it tells about our individual earnings. Since we have this big number of youth, this means that we have enormous wonderful minds, minds that have great talents, great knowledge, magnificent ideas, and whatnot. Then also even after having talents in almost every aspect, why don’t make these talents we have inbuilt in ourselves even the hobbies “our profession” and not just hobbies or talents. 

The youth have amazing talents (something always in us), we try to showcase them in our daily routine, we somehow always just think of it, but don’t do anything to make it our profession. 

So here to make this hidden talent of ours the opportunity to build something new and to earn our living from it.  

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A country like ours should not encourage youth to go behind in search of jobs or go behind what others are doing, because having a big population is always somehow a drawback for not getting a job according to the requirements, as the jobs are less and people are more. Rather, we should encourage youth to be their own boss and do something that would help to make money out of our own talents.  


How about not just wasting our talents with these superb minds in just thinking but also making money from it!

Today we should take initiative to make money, enhance our living standards from these talents and not go in search of jobs.  

It says encouraging and raising entrepreneurs

Using our talent for some good purpose should be our one priority. Because the emergence of new work would actually help people get work. And when a person changes one’s talent in opportunity, a number of new ideas emerge, that not only help us to do something new but also encourages everyone around. And this entrepreneurial idea not only will help make money for our own but this will also help others get a job because we somehow appoint people for a  job and give them the purpose to work. Giving someone the opportunity to work is all good you can do and bring a smile and set someone’s living. Entrepreneurs are actually someone who forms their own ideas, does wonders, sets a new type of job, and also encourages people to do something new. So instead of having a job under someone, you should always opt to work under yourself. This would also give you self confidence. And yes, you get your own living according to your living standards and condition. 


Entrepreneurs are always their own boss and raising ideas out of their hidden talents and think of not wasting that is already inbuilt in us, rather build out an opportunity for something good and purposeful.

Author’s Bio-

Born and brought up in Jaipur, Dakshita is a B.Com graduate from Rajsthan University and aiming fo M.Com as well. She is aspiring for Interior Designing. In addition, she likes to read books, writing, and loves to create DIY ideas from waste materials.

71 thoughts on “Raising Youth: Entrepreneurs Don’t Knock, They Build Their Own Door”

    1. Well, rightly said about the entrepreneurs that they are their own boss and converting our talent into our job would be the best option. Nice 👍

  1. Vijay Kumar luhadia

    This is a good topic in these times and a model for “Aatmanirbhar bharat” .. And will definitely help the youth ..
    Good work !

  2. Rightly said Dakshita!
    But somehow we are not doing this And it will be really great that in your next article you put some point where we are lacking ans what else can we do to become our own boss.

  3. This is the vision which Rajeev Gandhi bought in INDIA for youth with Computer revolution and he oppose by sick mentality which continues today with SMARTPHONES. But mentality not changed.

  4. Good content.
    Specially in this situation, it helps people to look within themselves and find opportunities in this time.

    Keep learning 😃


        Nice thought. 70% younger in country so many more had a working to Right platform. once again marvellous written.

  5. The content is literally eye opening and will help the youth to understand the importance of entrepreneurs . And your thoughts are same as our prime minister.
    Great content👏

  6. Pankaj Mahadevaaaaaa

    “Mah God”

    What a great thought process!!
    Completely blown me up, This shows How deeply You gone through the content, Everything is like an unconventional article.
    The word variations was Superb, The language is so helpful to understand the context, concept, and the Content.

    Would like to read more ahead.

    I wish you all the best Ma’am

  7. Pankaj Mahadevaaaaaa

    “Mah God”

    Kya Thought process
    Kya language
    Kya word variations
    Kya Deep knowledge
    Kya kmaaal ka Article

    It really helped to understand the Context the content the concept.

    Would like to hear more ahead.

    Zindabaad Ma’am

  8. Congratulations on ur first blog Dakshita… Very precisely written and relevant topic to current scenario … Waiting for your subsequent post …
    All the best …

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