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Color is not Essentially Essential

Colors are loved by everyone. Nature was so beautiful. It had given us such beautiful colors, The intriguing shades of the rising sun, the gorgeous blue sky, the sun-kissed twilight, even the colorless water serenaded us with its crystal cut beauty. Colour evoked an emotion. It draped us with compassion and tenderness. Everyone loves colors so much that it means different for different people.

But to all this one question arises, 

  • Does Color really matter?
  • Why were lighter shades used for skin color and the darker shades looked as if they were aberrant? 
  • Why are fair and dark discriminate all over the world? 
  • Does everyone consider beauty as the first priority? Why?

We are so confined and constrained to see the world as we ought to see it that we sometimes accept our perception to be a reality. The feeling of “better” is so intoxicating that an individual pushes himself or herself to feel that feeling and in our society better is only the people with white complexion. The preferences for white color has been well known among both fair and dark communities for generations.

Humans should really ask...

The color of the skin has occupied a crucial space in public discourse because color symbolizes a variety of beliefs that have evolved over a period of time. The same is the mindset of the harsh society that white is good and black are not so good. Light skin always stood for beauty and dark skin was demonized. Many of us use skin color as an obvious criterion for evaluating and judging a person before knowing their thoughts, feeling, minds. Skin tone and racial features could at some level be a factor of who gets ahead and who does not, with all else being equal. People had to salvage their respect and dignity through skin and color battles. A tacit acceptance of discrimination leads to creed and race. People from the majority group rarely see the discrimination and minority accept it as their necessary fate.

No To Racism

So society needs to understand that one size and one color do not matter at all. We all are from different geographies, climatic regions and it is impossible for us to have one skin color. It is high time that we should realize that physicality of humans is not a barrier. It cannot be the same. It’s only us who need to look at it in the same way.

I agree that we have to adapt to a new environment with new people but that absolutely does not mean acceptance towards biases and imposition. One has to change their mind about a certain race, color, creed, or ethnicity. An individual is beyond the color of their skin. It’s only us who need to dwell on our so-called thoughts and connect to people where color does not matter. Racism should really never matter to anybody’s self-esteem or self-confidence, given our global exposure had to learn to deal with it as it did matter to people around me.

Author’s Bio:

Yogansha Khandelwal

Yogansha Khandelwal

She was born and brought up in Jaipur. She is a BBA graduate from Rajasthan University, Jaipur. Currently pursuing a master’s in business administration. In addition, She reads novels and writes some poems.

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